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From Balinese massage to yoga to Signature Breathwork and Pilates, The Asa Maia offers a
comprehensive choice of health-enhancing activities, all led by experienced practitioners.

Indulge Yourself

Spa Treatments

Were it not for the lush beauty all around, you’d never want to leave. Our Spa is an environment designed to soothe and instill a sense of well-being, staffed by expert therapists, skilled in a full range of regenerative spa treatments. Let us arrange a personalized spa experience for you.

Massage Therapies

Experience a new level of relaxation with a full range of massage therapies. Soothe soreness, relieve tension, and breathe into the moment.

Two guests receive a massage at the spa during their wellness retreat in Bali

Hair and Nails

A traditional and therapeutic treatment to stimulate circulation, nourish the scalp and strengthen the hair. Take wellness to a new level by going beyond traditional manicures and pedicures. A fusion of traditional exfoliating and beautifying techniques, these treatments nourish your nails.

Facial Therapies

Renew and refresh skin with rejuvenating facial treatments designed to hydrate and remove impurities.

Man receives a facial at the spa

Body Therapies

Hydrate, detoxify and exfoliate with restorative body therapies including wraps, polishes and masks.

Woman enjoys a hand massage at the spa

Wellness Through

Mindfulness & Fitness

The world is moving fast. It’s time to slow down. The goal of our program at The Asa Maia is to restore a well-functioning stress response system within our bodies.


Bliss awaits guests at The Asa Maia - in many forms. Not the least of which is a full Yoga program, given daily in our spacious Shala, located on the topmost level of the central pavilion. Our instructors offer Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa classes, adapting each to individual guests’ skill levels.

Yoga class in Bali


Strengthen mind and body with our Pilates program offered daily. Classes focus on building strength and improving balance and flexibility. Our instructors adapt classes to individual guests' skill levels. 


Experience the best surf in Bali year-round just a short distance from The Asa Maia. The surfing school on Balangan Beach offers lessons for all skill levels. Soak up impressive views of Uluwatu's cliffs from a new perspective. 

surfing in bali

Fitness Center & Personal Training

The Asa Maia is complete with a fitness center to use as you'd like. Our experienced practitioners are here to help you meet your wellness goals with personal training sessions also available.

Wellness Through

Holistic Practices

Our wellness program aims to gently slow your heart rate and allow the body to feel calm, safe, and able to release your mind.

Retreat Experience

Signature Breathwork

Unleash your peak performance by leveraging the most accessible holistic health tool on the planet: your breath. Breathwork plays an extremely important role in the Asa Maia, daily morning breathwork sessions are available for all guests, private or group coaching is also available on request. The Asa Maia’s breathwork program can be customized to fit the needs of any guests, from increased fitness capabilities, stronger immune responses, and emotional trauma release.

SOMA breathwork during wellness retreat in Bali

Infrared Sauna

Like Yin & Yang. Complementary opposites. The infrared sauna uses light to relax, detoxify, provide muscular & joint pain relief, improve circulation and cleanse skin pores.

Infrared sauna at the spa

Ice Bath & Hot Tub

The ice bath completes the process by reducing inflammation, improving immunity, balancing hormones and improving sleep. Complete your hydrotherapy experience with a soak in the hot tub.

spa exterior