The Perfect Setting
To Find Yourself

We are located in the beautiful area of Uluwatu in Bali. This area has a unique vibe and energy compared to the rest of the island. Our beaches and surf are the best Bali has to offer. The Retreat itself is a short walk away from the beautiful Thomas Beach where you can laze around on sun beds or go for a meander.


Set in a peaceful, private enclave

Wellness Experience

Let our restorative resort help you reconnect, recharge and rebalance

A place without pressure, without judgment, without pretence. A place where the experience is genuine: mindful, generous, attentive service, surrounded by handcrafted objects and handpicked artifacts, set in a peaceful, private enclave. A place to unwind and reset. A place just far enough off the beaten path – yet just steps away from all that is incredibly, uniquely Uluwatu.


Vernacular Javanese homes

An Intimate Stay

Our luxury boutique lodgings marry indigenous art with healing materials

Our 10 guest suites have begun their second - if not third - lives. These century-old wood structures are known as gladaks: traditional, hand-hewn, vernacular Javanese homes. Each gladak was hand-picked in East Java, painstakingly disassembled, carefully transported to Bali and reassembled on our site.

Conscious Cuisine

Eat & Drink

Wellness underscores our deliciously nurturing and nutritious food

Nourishing your mental and physical health starts from the inside out. Which is why The Asa Maia’s conscious cuisine packs both flavor and a nutritional punch – a highlight of both our retreats and standard stays.