Known in yoga practice as pranayama (prana meaning “life force” and ayama meaning “to draw out”), breathwork underpins Asa Maia’s founding principles. Inhale, exhale and learn how to align your body, mind and spirit through the power of breath…

Breathwork at The Asa Maia
Engender personal empowerment at The Asa Maia

Engender personal empowerment

What is Breathwork

Begin your breathwork journey with us

The foundation of our health and life, each and every one of us takes around 25,000 breaths a day, without necessarily paying attention to it. Which is remarkable when you consider that how we breathe changes the way we think and feel. Long revered in countless cultures and practiced across different healing modalities across the world including here in Bali, ‘breathwork’ refers to conscious and controlled breathing. The intentional rather than passive use of breath transitions us out of our fight and flight and into the parasympathetic nervous system. A powerful tool for promoting psychological, physical, emotional, and even spiritual healing, breathwork can also engender personal empowerment.

Benefits of Breathwork at The Asa Maia
Benefits of Breathwork at The Asa Maia

Deep abdominal breathing

Benefits of Breathwork

A form of meditation, the power of breath is miraculous

From releasing tension and trauma held in the body to improving digestion, the proven health benefits of breathwork are broad reaching. Simply by bringing more oxygen into the body, our immune systems can be boosted. One of conscious breathing’s superpowers is its ability to reduce stress and calm the mind. It does this by dampening down our automatic stress responses: the part that’s responsible for involuntary functions. Deep abdominal breathing, in particular, can lower blood pressure and improve overall circulation. Flushing out toxins, alleviating fatigue, increasing our alertness and bringing us into our bodies to see our truth are just a few more of its extraordinary healing abilities.

Breathwork Practitioner at The Asa Maia
Breathwork Practitioner at The Asa Maia

Outperform yourself every day

Our Breathwork Practitioner

Techniques to take away beyond your stay in Uluwatu

Our resident breathwork practitioner Syddarta believes in using breathwork to achieve profound self-transformation on both physical and mental planes, “by simply practicing our most basic instinct to survive”. Trained and certified in multiple breathing disciplines, he’s able to customize each classbased on participants’ experience and personal needs. In his deeply cathartic sessions you will learn how to fast track yourself into a deep meditational state through your breath. The teachings and their transformative powers don’t stop at the shala. Sy’s breathwork toolkit can be applied to everyday life and integrated into your routine, “[enabling] you to outperform yourself every day.”

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