Blending a cinematic coastal landscape with world-class surf breaks, sugary sands and a spectacularly-set sacred sea temple, Uluwatu holds a natural beauty beyond reckoning.

Unimitable Uluwatu
The world's great energy vortexes in Uluwatu

The world’s great energy vortexes

Unimitable Uluwatu

Our location has to be seen to be believed

Said to be the purification center of the planet, Bali is one of the world’s great energy vortexes. This spiritual force is strong in Uluwatu, which straddles the southwestern tip of the island’s Bukit Peninsula. A portmanteau of Ulu (“land’s end”) and watu (“rock),” Uluwatu’s namesake cliff-hugging temple has not one but two intersecting leys (energy lines that coil around the earth) passing through it. Said to protect islanders from malevolent sea spirits, the 11th century temple is one of Bali’s spiritual pillars, which perches 220 feet above the crashing waves below. It’s best known for its spectacular Kecak and Fire dance: a soul-stirring performance held in the adjacent clifftop amphitheater, come sunset.

Air and Water at Uluwatu
Paradisiacal and electric green jungle in Uluwatu

Paradisiacal and electric green jungle

Air and Water

An all-natural playground, Uluwatu is ripe for exploration

Uluwatu’s natural charms span sea to sky! Pulling in swells from the southern Indian Ocean, its legendary reef breaks (all six of them) have made it a surfing mecca. Newbies can hit the waves with confidence at Dawn Patrol surf school on Balangan Beach. For a classic beach hop and flop, bury your toes in Thomas Beach’s 200-meter secluded stretch of sands, make a pilgrimage to Padang Padang, then bliss-out on bohemian Bingin that’s wrapped by towering cliffs. Thrill-seekers can enjoy an eagle’s-eye view of Uluwatu’s craggy coastline, paradisiacal beaches and electric green jungle on a tandem paragliding flight over Nyang Nygang.

Pools, parties and restaurants in Uluwatu
A must-visit day club pools, parties and restaurants at Uluwatu

Adults-only eyrie

Eating and Beaching

Sundowners, sensational ocean views and incredible infinity pools

Uluwatu is awash with all-day beach clubs, boho beach shacks and clifftop playgrounds to unwind or let loose. Wedged between wild jungle and dramatic limestone cliffs, Savaya is a must-visit day club. Vaunting uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean, this adults-only eyrie hosts a line-up of superstar DJs, a curvaceous infinity pool and head-turning terraced cabanas inspired by Bali’s famously vertiginous rice fields. Another must-visit oceanfront venue is Ulu Cliffhouse, which soars 100 ft over the sparkling sea. A firm favorite among Bali’s creative crowd, it merges a glamorous Palm Springs vibe with world-class art and creative cocktails like smoked pineapple margaritas.

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